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Support the "Riace Model"

Support the "Riace Model" | A Buon Diritto Onlus

On 6 July 2022, as the Appeal of the trial against Mimmo Lucano began, the Court of Reggio Calabria ordered the acquisition of the documents submitted by the defence, and the trial date was postponed to October 26. The importance of this new evidence makes us even more convinced of the good faith of the former mayor of Riace and the other 17 persons who are accused, to whom we renew our solidarity. In the meantime, Lucano has resumed his activity welcominging migrants, which, in reality,has never ceased and continues to be the sole purpose of what has been called the “Riace model”.

At present, more than 40 people who faced hardship are hosted in Riace’s Villaggio Globale [Global Village], where some of them have been living for years. Three Afghan families have just arrived and others are expected: refugees from Nigeria, Eritrea and others, human beings who need support. This task requires the availability of resources, including financial ones. The previous fundraising campaign undertaken through a national subscription, gave excellent results, but this money was destined, first of all, to paying the financial penalty imposed upon the defendants (which the latter correctly view as an additional injustice).

Therefore, we are convinced that it is necessary to support the experience of the Riace Model by promoting a new fundraising campaign to pay for the expenses that the important reception and integration activities that are underway require, now,straight away. Funds are needed for housing, food and socio-cultural integration activities that have been brutally interrupted by the judicial proceedings. We feel that it is important for all the unconditional reception activities undertaken by Mimmo Lucano, who does not want to give in to adversities, may continue. The Villaggio Globale is an example of concrete solidarity that deserves wide support.

We therefore launch a fundraising campaign that will end on October 31 2022, whose aim is to raise 100,000 euros. The entire amount will be donated to the reception activity as has been specified by its promoter, Mimmo Lucano. We ask you to send your contribution, whatever the amount may be, by sending a bank transfer to:

A Buon Diritto Onlus

Banco di Sardegna

IBAN IT73H0101503200000070779827


Subject: For Mimmo

Please note: A Buon Diritto supports and accompanies this initiative by providing a bank account entirely dedicated to this fundraising campaign. Hence, the corresponding contributions are not made in favour of A Buon Diritto and, therefore, they are not tax deductible.

Promoters : Father Alex Zanotelli, Luigi Manconi, Gad Lerner, Alessandro Bergonzoni, Valentina Calderone, Eugenio Mazzarella, Elena Stancanelli, Vittoria Fiorelli, Luisa Morgantini, Giuliano Giubilei, Angela Azzaro, Sandro Veronesi, Marino Sinibaldi, Tommaso Di Francesco, Marica Fantauzzi, Mauro Magatti, Chiara Tamburello, Silvio Di Francia, Paolo Corsini, Maurizio de Giovanni, Gianni Cuperlo, Susanna Schimperna.